The UK gas network contains some 30,000 pressure regulating installations operating below 7 bar. Prior to the introduction of RCM into the gas industry, maintenance of these installations consisted of weekly inspections, monthly and quarterly functional checks, and a strip-down of major components at between one and 6 year intervals. The effort and manpower required to carry this out was considerable, so too, was the cost.

Following the successful introduction of Reliability Centred Maintenance as a method of determining maintenance requirements, a significant improvement in reliability and a 50% reduction in maintenance costs were achieved. A further, unforeseen benefit was the huge reduction in out-of-ours calls to site, which often followed after major overhauls.

RCM analysis revealed the appropriate level of maintenance to be functional checks of all stand-by and redundant equipment at frequencies varying from 6 months to many years and strip-down maintenance is now rare.

Graham Charlton was responsible for the audit trail rules, managing the RCM data and the design of the UK regulator fault database. He also helped develop the templating technique that enabled rapid application of analysis to this large number of installations. Graham is an experienced RCM facilitator.

We are able to offer advice and guidance on implementing RCM, we can carry out reviews on your behalf and we can facilitate your own RCM process while your organisation gains experience and confidence in the technique.

We have also developed tools to manage the RCM analysis process and a comprehensive fault data management system, which is so vital to realising the continuing benefits of RCM.

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